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You can set alerts you want to receive whether that is when a check clears your account or your balance dips below a predetermined amount.  You will receive a text message to notify you of the activity you want to know about when you want to know that information.

To begin receiving eAlerts, login to Internet Banking from the Summary of Accounts page, and click on the account you want to receive eAlerts for.  From there, click on eMessenger Alerts from within the Alert box.  To set up a new alert, click new alerts.  From the next box, select the category and the type of alert you would like to receive, and then click next.  Then select how often you would like to receive an eAlert and where you would like the eAlert to be sent.  Lastly, click finish and you will begin receiving information about your account activity. 

Primebank also provides additional ways to receive eAlerts.  Download the Shazam Bolt$ app and register your debit card or download the Card Valet app and register your credit card.  For more information about both Bolt$ and Card Valet refer to our Debit/Credit Card page in the Personal Banking section of our website.

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