Primebank to update Internet Banking Security.

Beginning march 9th, 2015, Primebank will be updating your security steps when logging into Internet Banking.  On the 9th, your image and pass phrase will no longer be displayed when logging in. 

Instead of the image and pass phrase, look for the "green address bar."  The green address bar is an Extended Validation (EV) Certificate that is an additional layer of security.  The green address bar will provide you with a visual confirmation that your are on a secure site.

Primebank will continue to use Multifactor Authentication (MFA) that uses multiple channels of authentication to protect your information.  At every log in attempt, we verify all of the following:

*  A valid user ID and password                                                                                                                                                                                                                   *  Recognition of your computer or mobile device                                                                                                                                                                                         *  Your geographic location

If you log in using a different computer or from a different location, you will be required to complete a security question or verify your registered email address.

These changes apply to Primebank's Internet Banking.  These changes will not affect Primebank's Mobile Banking App.  The App will continue to use Multifactor Authentication using two factors or layers of security to verify the user's identity.

*  User's password                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     *  User's registered device

Maintaining the highest level of security for you is our priority and we will continue to create a defense that makes it difficult for an unauthorized person to access your Internet Banking information.

Stack up the Rewards

Stack up the rewards with your Primebank Debit Card.  Each time you use your Primebank debit card to make purchases between January 1 and March 31, 2015 you will be automatically entered for a chance to win!  The Grand Prize will be a Kindle Fire and accessories valued at $500.  Eight monthly winners will receive $50 Amazon Gift Cards.  If you don't have a Primebank Debit Card, apply today.

No purchase is necessary to enter to win.  A purchase will not increase your chances of winning.  Void where prohibited.  Promotion period is January 1, 2015 - March 31, 2015.  Visit for official rules and complete contest details.  All rights reserved.  Amazon® and Kindle Fire are not affiliated with and do not sponsor or endorse the services of SHAZAM, Inc. or the Stack up the Rewards campaign.    

Primebank, Offering You More Choices!

Primebank offers the best in mobile banking options.  With Primebank Mobile Banking you choose one of three convenient mobile services to monitor your account balances, view transaction history, transfer funds, pay bills and more (depending on which of the services you choose).  With your mobile device you can choose text banking, mobile web browser or the Primebank Mobile App.

The Primebank Mobile App is available by downloading the app through either the Apple App Store or Android Google Play store.  With the app you can view account balances, see transaction history, view pending transactions, receive text alerts, locate an ATM or nearby branch, transfer funds between accounts and pay bills from your mobile device.

The same functions are available using Mobile Web Banking.  Mobile web service, however, is required for this service.  Message and data rates may apply.

Also availalbe is Text Banking.  Available on all mobile phones with text capabilities you can, view real time account balances, recent transaction history and receive text "alerts" for specific types of transactions.

To utilize any of the three Primebank Mobile Banking solutions you must first be enrolled in Primebank's Mobile Banking system.  Instructions to enroll are available on by clicking on the "Online Edcuation" Tab.  Find the Mobile Banking tutorial and follow the steps on  Then, find the Primebank Mobile Banking or Primebank Mobile Banking for Tablet Videos and click "view".

The Primebank Mobile Banking App can be downloaded from your Smart Phone's respective app store.  Search for Primebank Mobile Banking.

Money IQ Financial Literacy Information now available

Recently, Primebank unveiled a new financial and privacy education service to their website.  The service is titled            Money IQ(tm).

"It is a great resource for anyone to use to gather information about a wide variety of topics that affect your personal financial matters." said Matt Ahlers, CEO of Primebank.  "Examples of the topics that are on the site, include; developing a household budget, understanding your credit score, how to be smart with your credit card and a number of other timely topics," Ahlers continued.

While Money IQ(tm) is on the Primebank website you do not have to be a Primebank customer to access the information.  Simply click on the Money IQ(tm) tab on the home page of

Primebank Introduces Checkfree and Popmoney to their Online BillPayer

Primebank has introduced the newest, easiest and most convenient way to pay bills online.  It's called Checkfree and Popmoney.  Using Checkfree will allow you to make payments to virtually anyone from a local business to a Fortune 500 company.  With Popmoney you can send money to family, friends or anyone else and all you need is their email address or cell phone number.  And it's more secure than mailing paper checks.  

Shop, Dine and Bank Local

Improved community well-being, dollars staying in our community, fueling job creation, we benefit in all of these ways when we shop, dine and bank local.

The more we buy local the more we support our local businesses, many of which are owned, and staffed by our friends and neighbors. In addition to supporting the local economy you get better service from people you know and who know you.

What’s not to like about small business and community banks like Primebank that serve our area?

Commit to shop and dine local and bank local with Primebank, too. It will help make NW Iowa a better place to live and work.

 Primebank Offers the Best in Convenience

Primebank offers the most complete line-up of convenience based services of any bank around.  Primebank has Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, On Line Bill Payer, eStatement, eMessenger, (which is a free service that sends text messages or e-mail alerts about account activity that you set up and control).  Primebank has every convenient service you need to do your banking on your time.

Get rid of the Clutter and with eStatement

Primebank has made it possible for you to receive your checking and savings account statement(s) electronically.

No more paper clutter on your desk.  Instead, your statement will be waiting for you to view, delivered directly to your email.

Don't worry about the security of receiving e-Statements.  The email containing your statement is password protected and uses 128 bit encryption ensuring secure delivery.

Don't think you will get the same information in email form that you receive on paper?  Your e-statement will look the same as your paper statement and will contain the same information.

To start receiving e-statements, stop by one of Primebank's three offices and talk with a customer service representative and sign-up.  Or, if you would prefer, contact us and we will send the neccessary information to you.  Once we have what we need, you will be able to receive your statement delivered directly to your email.

Sign-up today and enjoy quicker access to your account information and less clutter around your life!

And while we are talking about convenient services, if you don't already use Primebank's Internet Banking, Mobile Banking or BillPayer, now is a good time to sign-up and enjoy the convenience that they offer.

Primebank Donates Third Trolley to Plymouth County Fair

Primebank presented the Plymouth County Fair Board with Primebank Trolley #3.

"Primebank has a strong tradition of involvement in agriculture and the community," said Primebank, Senior Vice President Bob Scheitler.  "With that tradition in mind nearly two years ago work began on a third trolley for the fair,"  Scheitler continued, "Many volunteer hours went into completing the project.  On behalf of Primebank and its staff, it's my honor to present Primebank Trolley #3 to the Plymouth County Fair."

Pirmebank Trolley Number 3 will be available for fair-goers to use during the Plymouth County Fair.  The Trolley's provide an opportunity for fair patrons to enjoy a ride around the fairgrounds with the main purpose to provide elderly or disabled        fairgoers a means to be more fully involved with fair activities.  All three trolleys are handicapped accessible.

Mobile Banking Now Available

Banking is easier than ever. With Primebank's new Mobile Banking, you can access your accounts through your cell phone. The service is free. All you need to begin is a web-enabled cell phone and Primebank's Internet Banking service.

Mobile Banking allows you to access your account information when and where you need it. With just a few quick strokes on your cell phone you can see your account balance, view your recent transactions, transfer money between accounts, and much more. It has all of the security of Online Banking and all of the convenience of your cell phone.

Remember, Mobile Banking is FREE to our Internet Banking customers! Sign up today by clicking on the Internet Banking link to the left.

Health Savings Account

Primebank offers both a Health Savings Account and a Health Checking Account. Let us show you how Health Savings Accounts offer you an alternative way to manage your health care costs.

Our new Health Checking Account offers:

• Checks and Debit Cards.
It is no longer necessary for you to transfer money from another account to pay for your qualified medical expenses.

• A tiered interest rate structure.
As the balance in your Health Checking Account grows, so does the interest rate. The higher your account balance, the higher the interest rate you receive.

This account is geared to the individual with frequent medical expenses who wants to pay those expenses by either check or debit card.

Our revised Health Savings Account offers:

• A tiered interest rate structure.
As the balance in your Health Checking Account grows, so does the interest rate. The higher your account balance, the higher the interest rate you receive.

This account is ideal if you experience infrequent medical expenses and want a high yielding savings account. You can still utilize this Health Savings Account and transfer needed funds to your personal checking account to pay qualified medical expenses, as has been the case with our H.S.A.'s in the past.

Member FDIC

Internet Banking More Secure Than Ever!

"Prime Online Security" is coming to Primebank Internet Banking in early January. It is Primebank’s next step in providing you with an even safer Internet Banking environment. Recently, we enhanced Internet Banking security by upgrading passwords. Implementing "Prime Online Security" adds an additional layer of security that is meant to safeguard your sensitive financial information from online fraud and identity theft. When you log in to Internet Banking, "Prime Online Security" identifies you and allows you to distinguish the Primebank site by displaying a private image and pass phrase that only you know. The private image and pass phrase will allow you to be sure you are on the Primebank Internet Banking site, not a fraudulent site. Secondly, "Prime Online Security" provides you added safety by helping us identify you as the true owner of your account and prevent unauthorized access to your accounts. If our Internet Banking site does not recognize your computer as a registered personal machine, your identity will be verified through a series of challenge questions that are set up by you at the time of enrollment. These measures are being put into place to further strengthen our efforts to protect you. Simply, follow the instructions on the brochure to enroll in "Prime Online Security". To find out more about "Prime Online Security" please refer to the questions and answers below. If you need help we are only a phone call away at (712) 546-4175 in Le Mars, (712) 722-4545 in Sioux Center or (712) 224-5400 in Sioux City. Our customer service representatives will be glad to help you. Sincerely, Matthew J. Ahlers President & CEO

"Prime Online Security"

Background – In October 2005, the FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council) issued new guidance for banks regarding data security measures associated with Internet banking activities. Banks are expected to conform to the guidance no later than December 31, 2006. The FFIEC and other regulatory agencies consider single factor authentication (i.e. password) inadequate protection for high-risk transactions including customer information or funds movement. Where single-factor authentication is inadequate, the FFIEC guidance calls for banks to implement multifactor authentication, layered security, or other comparable controls to mitigate the risk of fraud or identity theft. Primebank has enhanced our Internet Banking with multifactor authentication called "Prime Online Security" to comply with this requirement. This enhancement will protect your login credentials from potential identity theft. How "Prime Online Security" Works – The first time users log in following implementation, the new security feature will require that they establish a security profile by selecting an Authentication Image and Pass Phrase and creating three (3) challenge questions. Once the profile has been completed, users will receive their Authentication Image and Pass Phrase each time they attempt to log in to Internet Banking. This image allows customers to verify they are at the Primebank website prior to entry of confidential data or access to account information. During setup, the Prime Online Security product also records the PC characteristics and creates a registration for the specific computer being utilized. During each subsequent log in attempt, the registered information is compared to the current PC identification. If the data differs, the challenge questions are presented to fully authenticate the user. The user is also offered the option to register the new PC for future use. Once registered, the user is presented the selected Authentication Image each time they log in from any registered computer in their profile. This allows users to streamline their authentication process based on their personal needs. Q1. Why is Primebank using Prime Online Security technology? A1. We are committed to proactively protecting our customers from fraud and identity theft. Prime Online Security helps protect you in two ways. First, it helps you recognize that you are conducting business on Primebank’s Internet Banking website. When you see your Authentication Image and Pass Phrase, you can be confident that you are at the legitimate website, not an imposter site. Make sure you see your Authentication Image before you enter your password! Secondly, the bank is also able to recognize you as the true owner of your account. If we do not recognize your computer, we will ask you one of your challenge questions as an additional line of defense against unauthorized access. Q2. Where is my password? A2. We no longer prompt you for your access ID and password on the same page. To enhance the security of Internet Banking, you are prompted for your password after you have identified yourself by your access ID and we have identified the device from which you are logging in. If you are enrolled in Prime Online Security, we retrieve your Authentication Image and Pass Phrase and present this on the password page. This allows you to be sure that you are connecting to a Primebank Internet Banking site before entering your password. Q3. When I enter my access ID, it asks me a question instead of showing my Authentication Image. Why? A3. This is to help verify that it is really you signing in. These challenge questions are meant to keep imposters out because only you know the answers to these questions. There are several reasons why you might be challenged. Some reasons might be: - you are logging in from a different computer - you are logging in using a different browser - you cleared all the cookies on your computer If you are challenged, answer the question with the correct answer and you will be shown your Authentication Image and Pass Phrase. Q4. Can I access my account from multiple computers? A4. Yes, you can access Internet Banking from any number of computers and have the same Prime Online Security protections. If you log in from a new computer or a public terminal, you will just need to go through one extra step of answering a challenge question. Once you answer the question correctly, we will ask you if you would like us to recognize that computer in the future. If you answer yes, you will not need to answer a challenge question the next time you use that computer. This helps protect you by keeping unauthorized people from accessing your valuable information. There is no limit on how many different computers you can use to log in to Internet Banking. Q5. I share my computer with someone who also uses Internet Banking. Can both of us still sign in from this computer? A5. Yes. You can use the same computer to log in to your individual accounts safely; you will not see the other user’s information. There is no limit to how many people can log in to Internet Banking from the same computer. Just remember not to share your access ID, password or answers to your challenge questions. Q6. What should I do if my Authentication Image and/or Pass Phrase are incorrect or do not appear? A6. Do Not enter your password and immediately call one of our customer service representatives in Le Mars (712)546-4175 in Sioux Center (712)722-4545 or in Sioux City (712) 224-5400


In November, Primebank introduced the first in a series of steps designed to make Internet Banking more secure than ever. The measures were meant to minimize your risk of identity theft and fraud.

You may recall that you had to change your password in early November. Keep in mind that you will need to change your password every three months. This change makes your password more secure and therefore your financial information safer. When it is time to change or modify your password follow the guidelines listed below:

• Choose a password that is a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 16 characters long
• At least one numeric and at least one alphabetic character
• At least one uppercase and at least one lowercase character
• At least one special character (i.e. !, @, %, ^, &, *, etc. )
• An example of a password after the changes is, "Primebank#1"

The second step also took place in November. Now when you are logged in you see only the last three digits of your account numbers, the other digits are x’d out. Many credit card providers have employed this measure. We encourage you to take advantage of the ability to nickname your accounts to make it easier to identify which accounts you want to view.

These additional security measures are strong steps to protect you from identity theft and online fraud. Remember, it’s our priority to serve you and protect your financial interests.


  Privacy Statement 

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